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Human beings born of the fate of four phases of life(birth, old age, sickness and death) have devoted themselves to the cause and treatment of the disease by escaping the pain of the disease.

From ancient times, aeremia dredge was called a hundred year-old health (Healthy Baekse).
Moxa cautery is a way to recover health by removing extravasated blood (sick blood), the root cause of all diseases.
It is a folk remedy that comes from the old ancestors who treated according to the order of nature without depending on drugs, injections, or surgery.

According to Yin-Yang's nature, as moxa cautery is a cure for Yang and an acupuncture is a cure for Yin, the disease is cured according to Yin-YangĄ¯s nature.
Moxa cautery is smooth circulation of the blood, the abdomen is warm and the head is cool and it excretes waste toxins from the body also has excellent efficacy in relieving obesity and skin beauty by facilitating the metabolism of the five viscera and the six entrails and strengthen immunity to fight disease by increasing body temperature and white blood cells.

Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, has said that if it can not be treated with medicines, it should be treated by iron and if it can not be treated with iron, it should be treated by fire.
The iron mentioned here is an acupuncture and the fire is moxibustion.

I think that it is natural for Western countries to show their enthusiasm for oriental traditional therapy by recognizing the limits of modern medicine.

I sincerely hope that you will improve your quality of life by retrieving health, beauty and youth with a good relationship with natural therapy.